The company's research and development team is composed of people from world-renowned orthopedic companies. It has strong research and development capabilities and can provide customers with a complete set of product designs, including prostheses, related surgical instruments and instrument boxes. Let Dipperson be the invisible backbone behind your success. Our manufacturing and product expertise combined with your market and branding know-how will reach the quality and price points assuring mutual success with your customers. so you can focus more on branding yourselves into the worldwide market leader.


       We have brand new equipment and fully CNC top-level machine to ensure the accuracy of customer products. The main machining equipments include: OKUMA processing Center, OKUMA Turning-Milling, LG MAZAK processing Center, FANUC Slow-wire cutting, Fine carving processing Center, etc.


Slow speed wire-cut

       Slow speed wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine can process products with complex shape and which can not be processed by numerical control equipment, and can guarantee the high precision requirements of the products.

Heat treatment

       The heat treatment equipment imported from Germany has precise and uniform temperature control, which can ensure the stability of heat treatment process.


Grinding and Polishing

       Grinding, fine polishing equipment and professional polishing technology can ensure to meet the surface roughness requirements of various products and ensure the dimensional accuracy of products.。



       Dry blasting machine, wet blasting machine and various blasting media can meet any of your surface blasting requirements.


Electrolytic polishing, passivation line

       The high-end electropolishing and passivation equipment dedicated to the medical industry can ensure that the product has a consistent surface and good corrosion resistance.



       Special high-end cleaning equipment in the medical industry can ensure the cleaning effect of the product after the cleaning.


Inspection ability

       Zeiss three-coordinate measuring machine with scanning function can achieve high precision measurement of products. Ensure the accuracy of measurement results.


Cleaning and packaging

       500 square meters clean room and laboratory, as well as professional cleaning line and vacuum packaging equipment, can fully ensure the product cleaning effect and packaging quality.